A 2 days trip to Vrindavan, Mathura & Agra

Have you ever planned a trip just before 3 hours? I got a chance and planned it just before 3 hours. A trip to Vrindavan, Mathura and Agra. The day was of 20 March 2019 which was Holi (colorful festival in North India). Vrindavan and Mathura are well known for its Holi festival. It was the morning of 20 March when I jokingly asked my wife for a trip to Vrindavan to celebrate Holi.
Initially, she took it as a joke but became serious after a few minutes. He told other family members that we are going to celebrate Holi in Vrindavan and Mathura. Finally, we had a trip to Vrindavan, Mathura and Agra. I booked two rooms in Clark’s Residency hotel in Vrindavan on Make my trip. We went there by road and reached the hotel around 1730 hrs.
After checking in the hotel, we decided to visit PREM MANDIR.

Prem Mandir Vrindavan

We visited Prem Mandir in the evening time. It opened at 1630 hrs. It was Holi festival and there was a huge rush, traffic jam on Vrindavan roads. Parked our car around 1 kilometer away from Prem Mandir and reached there by foot. People commuting on road had carry bag half filled with color powder and hardly identifiable. There was not a single person without color on face and clothes. Even policemen on duty had colors on their uniform.

prem temple night view

It was around 1900 hrs and was dark by that time. Prem Mandir was looking fabulous with lighting. The best thing that I noticed was of lighting color. It was continuously changing. There were a few hundreds of people in the queue. Security and management were good and we didn’t face any problem while entering through the crowded gate. There was no storeroom for visitors footwears. I was the one who had worn slippers and others reached there barefoot. They had kept their footwear in the car.

Musical fountain was there which was attracting tourists. Prayer music with Holi Holi and people were chanting along with music RADHE – RADHE was easily audible outside the temple main hall. https://youtu.be/MLL_idc4m-0

Mobile phones and camera are allowed in Mandir Premises. Taking pictures inside Mandir main hall is strictly prohibited.

Around 2130 hours, we returned back and had dinner at Family pure veg Dhaba located on Delhi Mathura highway. Dinner was delicious.

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Next morning our plan was to visit Shri Krishna Janam Sathal (Birthplace of Lord Krishna) in Mathura.

Shri Krishna Janam Sathal Mathura

Shri Krishna Janam Bhumi is around 15 kilometers away from Vrindavan. It’s well connected with the road but you need to park vehicle around 500 meters away from the temple. This temple seems to be very old and situated on a congested road. Mobile phones, cameras are strictly prohibited inside the temple corridor and one need to deposit all belongings at the entrance. Unfortunately, I couldn’t click photos inside the temple.

Krishna Janam Sathal

There is two entrance. One entrance has a long queue of pilgrims and another was VIP gate. VIP gate is 800 meters away and most of the pilgrims unaware of that entrance. The ordinary person can also use that entrance. Keep all your belongings in the car and use the VIP gate to enter.

Lord Krishna Birth palace Mathura

Let’s talk about Ram Krishna Janam Bhumi. If you have watched Krishna Leela (Hindi TV Programme), you will see real pictures here. Every scene of Shri Krishna Birth, Jail where his mother Devaki lived, his maternal uncle conference hall and the way to jail seems to be real. People of Mathura are traditionally known as Brijvasi and they still follow Krishna times rituals. One thing I noticed that most of the locals wore a custom T-shirt printed Brijvasi and hand made Brijvasi hat. Best scene in the temple was of playing Holi. There was a lawn inside the temple where around 500 people were dancing and playing Holi.

There was an arrangement of Music & color powder (harmless). Around 30 foreigners were also dancing and playing Holi. It was amazing to see so many people playing Holi without water and covered with color powder. I missed my camera to capture those awesome moments. There were toys shops for shopping. There were custom T-shirt shops too. If you are visiting Mathura, also try Mathura’s popular sweet dish “Mathura Peda”.

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We visited the temple, did prayer and returned back. Entry to the temple is totally free. We reached hotel around 1115 hours, took a shower, checked out hotel and moved for next destination Agra. Agra is 60 km from Mathura and it took less than an hour to reach Agra. On the way, we took Aloo paratha at family Dhaba and reached Taj Mahal at 1400 hours.

Taj Mahal Agra

“Symbol of Love” & one of the world’s wonder, THE TAJ MAHAL surely deserve a visit. You can visit The Taj in all season and find tourists capturing beautiful architecture in their cameras. Parking of vehicles is around 1 kilometer away from the entrance. Tourists can hire autos & Tonga (Horse-cart) to reach the main gate. There is an entrance fee for domestic as well as foreign tourists but children up to 15 years are exempted from the entrance fee.

Fee details of The Taj Mahal are given in below table.

Entry fee for The Taj Mahal

Tourist type Entry fee Main mausoleum Fee
Domestic Tourists 50 200
Foreign tourists 540 200
Citizens of SAARC & BIMSTEC countries 1100 200
Children below 15 years NIL NIL

Entry fee for domestic tourists is 50 rupees. Tickets counter is at the main gate. There is an optional ticket for visiting the main mausoleum. Ticket for the main mausoleum can be collected inside the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal has three entrance gate but entry is allowed from the western & eastern gate only. The southern gate has no entry, only exit is allowed. Let’s talk about timing to visit The Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal opens 30 minutes before the sunrise and closes 30 minutes before sunset. Taj Mahal remains closed on Friday. Cameras and smartphones are allowed inside Taj Premises and tourists can record those memorable moments in their cameras.

The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal situated on Yamuna river shines from distant place due to its white marble. Its location on the bank of the Yamuna makes it visible from far away. Best things that I observed is of its architecture. The Taj Mahal is similar from all three sides except backside. I took pictures from three sides and you will hardly find any difference in all these three pictures. There is a large park on the front side that enhances its beauty. Front look of the Taj Mahal makes it perfect scenery for photography. Instead of talking too much about its beauty, I am posting videos and photos for you. Try to visit Taj Mahal either in morning or Evening time during the summer season.


While returning you should also experience horse cart riding.

We returned around 1630 hrs from Taj Mahal and headed towards Agra Fort. Agra Fort is also one of the popular tourist destinations in Agra. Unfortunately, Agra Fort is closed for tourists now and you cant explore Agra Fort. Its under military custody. At last, We bought Agra “Panchi Petha” popular for its taste. We headed to our home at 1830 hrs and reached at 2330 hrs. We took several stops midway and enjoyed the trip completely.

If you have also visited these three cities and want to share your best moment, You can share in comment section. You can send your stories to our email address too which will be published within 7 days.

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A 2 days trip to Vrindavan, Mathura & Agra

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