The temporary restrictions for cruise ships announced by Canada earlier this year were scheduled to end on October 31. However, yesterday Transport Minister Marc Garneau, extended those measures pertaining to cruise ships and pleasure craft until February 28, 2021. That means cruise ships with overnight accommodations carrying more than 100 people fare prohibited from operating in Canadian waters.

Passenger vessels carrying more than 12 people continue to be prohibited from entering Arctic coastal waters, including Nunatsiavut, Nunavik and the Labrador Coast.

In Canada’s Arctic waters, these restrictions do not apply to craft used by local communities for essential transportation, subsistence fishing, harvesting and hunting.

Those who do not comply with the prohibition could be subject to penalties: $5,000 per day for individuals and $25,000 per day for corporations.

There is no national ban for smaller cruise ships certified to carry 100 or less passengers and crew. They must follow provincial, territorial, local and regional health authority protocols for timelines and processes around their operations.

Adventure-seeking pleasure craft also continue to be banned in Arctic waters.

Essential passenger vessels, such as ferries and water taxis, should continue following federal guidance and provincial, territorial, local and regional protocols, as well as mitigation measures, to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. These could include: reducing the number of passengers, ensuring physical distancing, the wearing of masks, as well as enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures.

Garneau said, “As Canadians are doing their part to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Government of Canada is working hard to ensure Canada’s transportation system remains safe. The extension of these temporary measures for cruise ships and other passenger vessels in Canada reflects our ongoing work with all levels of government, transportation industry stakeholders, and Indigenous peoples to help ensure appropriate measures are in place.”

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Source: Travel Industry Today

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