Couples Travel: 7 Mistakes Every Couple Makes While Travelling

Couples Travel 7 Mistakes Every Couple Makes While Travelling (4)

If there is one thing that makes travelling more exciting, that is to do it with someone special in your life. Although some couples work and travel together 24/7; others prefer to respect each other’s space and time. And when the latter plan for a travel getaway, they make the most of it and spend the holiday the best possible way they can. If you belong to the population, who are about to go travelling for the first time as a couple, be ready for unexpected events. Going away for the first time can bring out a different person in both individuals. These differences can be patched up easily when treated right. However, unnecessary fights might arise when done wrong. So as a head’s up, read on below to know the seven common mistakes every couple makes while travelling. Overpacking Generally speaking, women are the ones who tend to over pack. From her night routine needs to several options of outfits and then lastly, several pairs of shoes. Men, on the other hand, are very laid-back when it comes to packing. Understandably, one of you might feel the need to bring almost everything, especially if it’s your first time to have a getaway. However, if you want to travel in peace, make sure that both of you bring whatever is necessary. The last thing both of you want to experience while being away is one; to pay for any excess baggage fees. Another thing is that, to forget something important – like your passport, just because you are preoccupied with not so important stuff. Create a packing list and agree who brings what to distribute the luggage weight equally. You’ll be surprised how a three-day holiday can fit in an allowable size of carry-on luggage. Lack of Budget and Overspending Money talks, they said, and worse, it even can cause a massive fight. Planning your holiday budget is crucial. Spend time to sit down with your husband or partner and make sure to set a realistic budget. Now sticking to it is equally important. Avoid bringing in both of your credit cards on your travel to set yourself a limit. Or, one may bring his or hers to give way for unexpected expenses. Also, it is better to bring cash with you, especially when traveling abroad. This allows you to monitor your spending in real-time and be more conscious about it. Unrealistic Itinerary When a couple goes on holiday, one of the objectives is to relax and spend quality time together. Now, doing so much in a day does not really support this goal. Plan for some realistic itineraries, and if you’re unable to stick with it, that’s totally fine. Be carefree and just enjoy the time together. Cherish the moments when you get on the wrong train ride and just go with the flow. No Travel Insurance Travel insurance does not only mean extra charges on your credit card. It is more of a precautionary method. If you’re married and you’ve got kids left at home, wouldn’t it be better to travel prepared? #CoupleGoals Obsession Bali is one of the dream destinations for couples who wish to bombard their Instagram accounts with magical photos. The same goes for Iceland. However, to bring home loads of cheesy photos is not something you would want to remember this holiday by. Never allow social media to get in the way of your time together. Update and restore your affection to each other first, instead of your followers. Worrying about Life at Home You planned this getaway, say for four months now. Surely, you’ve made all the necessary adjustments. From securing leaves in the office up to looking for a nanny who could babysit the kids for four days max. Therefore, worrying about life at home should be your last concern, if not, it shouldn’t be a concern at all when you’re away. Overthinking what’s happening at home will just add stress to both of you and might cause unnecessary disagreements. Arguing Over Little Things When you’re on holiday, it is the best time to be carefree. Avoid being so uptight. If you miss the bus tour, enjoy exploring the city by walking. Forgot to place a reservation in a nice restaurant? Go food tripping on the streets, instead. Welcome new adventure and make room for tiny mistakes. That’s what makes traveling with your loved one even more exciting. Wrap Up To travel with someone special in your life is also as thrilling, as when you travel solo. The only key is open communication. If something is bothering you, no matter how simple and petty it is, make sure to voice it out before going away. This is to make way for a more relaxed trip. About the Author – Geraldine Mills is a self-confessed wanderlust from the land down under, Australia! She funds her adventures by working as a travel writer. She loves sharing the allure of backpacking and being one with nature. Check out her other published articles.

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Couples Travel: 7 Mistakes Every Couple Makes While Travelling

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