Fun Things to do in New York for just $20!!

Fun Things to do in New York for just $20!! (2)

New York City is one of the most expensive regions in the world to live or visit, but it is also among the richest places to find things to do and eat for just $20. So, you can book your flights through Cathay Pacific, and enjoy the things to do that are in this complete guide… you will be amazed to see that you can do a lot in New York for not more than $20. During your trip in the US, you also can shop for custom watches online for free delivery. 1. Sailing in the Hudson River. There are tons of sailing options around the island, but most of them cost a lot of money. Therefore, I recommend you to head to North River Lobster Co. where you can enjoy a wonderful cruise just for $10 along with refreshments, lunch and delicious snacks. The cruise will take you around for about an hour which is more worthy of the money you pay. Do not forget to try the fantastic lobster roll! 2. Go on a Picnic at Central Park. A concrete jungle like Manhattan, people are eager to hunt an escape into nature. In such a condition, Central Park is one of the most attractive and dynamic green spaces in the world. Spend a little money to gather some cookies and food for a peaceful picnic as the only expense. Levin Bakery in the Upper West Side is a good option for some delicious cookies. Cherry Hill will become one of your favourite places. You will be able to see rows of boats dragging along the pond below. 3. Summer Concerts for Free of Charge. As one of the greatest cultural hubs in the world, New York City reflects a love for arts through several free public concerts during summer months. Celebrating Brooklyn is a series of lovely concerts held at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park or on the green lawns of Central Park. 4. Laugh your Lungs out at a Comedy Show. Can you believe that you can occupy a front seat at Comedy Cellar for just a little as $5? The stage is usually under the try of new comics. But Comedy Cellar boasts some big names like Jerry Seinfield and Chris Rock during late nights. They will rock the stage with thousands of laughter. 5. Wander through the High Line. High Line is one of the best and newest attractions in the city during recent years. It is an old raised railway track which has been remodelled into a lovelier city park that stretches from 34th street to 14th street on the west side of Manhattan. Elevated above the hustle-bustle of below traffic, the High Line walk is a great way to spend the afternoon soaking up in the breathtaking architecture of the city. Meatpacking District or the southern half of the High Line is the favourite among most of the travellers. A walk is incomplete without something to put into the stomach. So stop near L’Arte del Gelato, The Taco Truck or Terroir at Poch to grab some wine or beer. 6. Visit the Museum of Mmuseumm. Checking the spellings? Don’t worry! The real name of this small museum in TriBeCa is called the Mmuseumm. It can be introduced as a modern natural history museum set inside an elevator draft and dedicated with an extremely curated style of “Object Journalism”. You can think of any appropriate amount as the entrance fee. But surprisingly it is not more than $5. 7. Foodies at David Chang’s Empire. As a New Yorker, the name David Chang coincides with amazingly tasty but incredibly affordable food. It houses high-quality food but sold at very affordable prices. Grab the best bowl of ramen for just $17 at Momofuku. $8 is sufficient to get the crispiest and juiciest chicken sandwich at Fuku. All the top menus in David Chang’s empire are under $20. Therefore, for the best dishes in New York you must hurry to David Chang’s Empire! 8. A Spectacular Ride on Staten Island Ferry. At the time when NYC’s bridges were not built, Staten Island Ferry used to shuttle passengers between Staten Island and Manhattan. Keep an end to paying a lot for official cruise boats around the harbour. Instead head to the Staten Island Ferry, where you can enjoy the city sky’s amazing atmosphere and Lady Liberty’s incredible views. This is free! 9. Treat yourself with some Comfort. As there are salons in every part of the city, the prices for manicures are pretty competitive. But for an average price of $13, you can win a beautiful set of nails with a freshly polished coat. Eventually, you will get a warm hand massage! 10. City’s Largest Flea Market for a Quick Bargain. Brooklyn Flea Market is full of amazing things and therefore, you can find almost everything you are trying to find in New York here. The warmer summer months are always occupied with outdoor stores in Williamsburg. By the present, there are indoor stores as well in Lower Manhattan. Those stalls are selling home decors to jewellery and from imported rugs to vintage goods. Make sure you look hard at all the stores to find out something special for you! 11. Gather some Street Arts. On either side of the Manhattan road, vendors sell handmade jewellery, just done paintings and city’s fashionable items. Grabbing a piece as a souvenir is always fun. A few summers ago, an artist from the UK sold his original paintings in front of Central Park but nobody knew that he was the real artist who sold his originals until all were sold! Therefore, do not miss such rare chances for just a few dollars. 12. Guggenheim for Students. All the teens in and out of New York should not miss this golden opportunity to get access to the world-famous Art Museum of Guggenheim. The best deal of the city is the students’ entrance ticket price. You can do almost everything art-related for just…

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Fun Things to do in New York for just !!

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