Guide to Online Slots: Everything you need to know before you Start Betting

Guide to Online Slots Everything you need to know before you Start Betting

Online slots are without a shadow of a doubt the most popular gambling games in the 21st century, which is actually kind of crazy when you consider the fact that they were only invented at the dawn of the 2000s, going from 0-100 in a crazily short space of time. Oh yes, developers such as Eyecon, Microgaming and NetEnt are generally considered as being the pioneers of the online slot industry, however these guys only started two decades ago too.  In that time online slots have managed to attract millions and millions of gamblers to the online casino sphere, pretty much single handedly popularising online gambling in the 21st century. One of the best things about online slots is the fact that they are so practical, and also incredibly easy to pick up the basics of. Whilst this is true, however, you still need a helping hand in some cases, which is why we have decided to compile a guide to online slots for everything you need to know before you start betting. Online Slot Introductory Basics So, first things first, let’s get to grip with the absolute basics of online slots and how to play online slots. In order to find an online slot game you will need to search for an online casino site with a good range of games, and it is also sensible to check whether they have a good welcome bonus, as these can be a great way of scooping some extra cash. Once you have chosen a game to play online slot gambling is incredibly simple. You need to deposit some cash for your bankroll, and then it is time to play! Most standard online slots will have 5 reels and between 10 and 50 pay lines, the latter is where you place your wager, with a little on each pay line. All you have to do afterwards is spin those reels and hope for the best!  The Best Online Slot Developers to Check Out Because online slots are so incredibly popular these days the market can be somewhat saturated, which means that there are thousands of games to choose from. Online slot beginners will therefore need to know exactly who the best developers to check out are, as this will stop you from choosing an inferior online slot to gamble on. The best of the best include developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Eyecon and Big Time Gaming, although other companies such as Yggdrasil and Play’N GO are also worth checking out for sure.  Key Tips to Winning at Online Slots That’s some of the basics out of the way, now on to something that everybody is naturally going to want to learn about… how to win at online slots as often as possible! The best thing to consider here is something called RTP, this stands for Return To Player and is given as a percentage value. Aim for anything above 97% and you will be giving yourself the best chance of a online slot gambling win.

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Guide to Online Slots: Everything you need to know before you Start Betting

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