Handy Tips For Your First Caravan Outdoor Adventure

Your first caravan adventure will always be exciting with a promise of fun, freedom, and anticipation for something new. However, there are things that you should consider before you set off on this journey. Below are tips that you can use for an enjoyable and a smooth trip.

Hire Before Buying

First, consider whether you want to buy or hire a caravan. Hiring has the advantage of highlighting things such as towing, the suitability of the caravan and its set-up. These are things that can be overlooked when buying a new caravan.

Be Knowledgeable About Your Weights

It is essential to know the legal combination of your car and caravan. Knowing and understanding weight terminology will help you as you drive your car and caravan. For instance, payload, the maximum carry capacity for the caravan, will guide you on what you need to carry.

Know all your Costs

Consider expenses you might incur outside the caravan purchase. Confirm the registration and insurance for the caravan. The caravan might depreciate and require maintenance. Caravan Accessories is an excellent place to buy accessories that you might need for your caravan. Include the cost of the camping gear.

Hitch Your Caravan

Once you have found the right combination, hitch your caravan to your vehicle. You can use a checklist that covers towing, using the van and storing to simplify the process.

Ensure Safety

After hitching, ensure that both the car and the caravan are safe and secure for the journey. Confirm that the towing aid is correctly fitted, ensure the drawers, windows, and doors are locked and secured and make sure that the tyre pressures are correct. Also, check the lights on both the caravan and the vehicle.

Change How You Drive

Your vehicle will operate differently when towing from steering to braking and overall stability. The skills that you will need to tow a caravan are different from the skills you use when driving your car. Thus, you should change how you drive for a smooth and safe journey.

Practice by Taking a Course

It might seem excessive, but practice caravanning courses for beginners offer essential advice. The theory and practice gained through the course will boost your confidence. Instead of a class, you can opt to have a caravan specialist check your rig before you start the journey.

Prepare For Small Spaces

It does not matter how strong a relationship is, being in small spaces together for long periods can be challenging. Therefore, always be prepared of the fact that you will be traveling in confined spaces with your entourage.

Have a Set-Up Routine

Setting up your site can take time. It is, therefore, essential to practice before starting your journey to make the process more efficient over time. You can begin by unhitching the caravan, putting the handbrake on and clearing the vehicle.

Have an Early Start

Starting early tends to increase confidence since driving will be done in light traffic before crowds join the party.


With everything in place, all you have to do is pick a location and have fun!

Source: Go Click Travel
Handy Tips For Your First Caravan Outdoor Adventure

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