How to Become a Flight Attendant- Ask for the Right Gifts!

Miss Julie knows that if you want to know how to become a flight attendant, you have to put the right gift ideas on your wish list!


If you have aspirations of becoming a flight attendant, this is the perfect time of year to prepare yourself. It’s not too late to put these “must-have” items on your list for Santa.

1.  Lotion – LOTS of it! When you combine the harsh soaps in the lavatory and in airport rest rooms with the very dry recycled air on the plane, your hands will look like your 90 year old grandma’s in a matter of days. Stock up on your favorite moisturizing lotion and keep it ready to go in small travel size containers.

2. Instant coffee packages – If you’re a coffee drinker, you’ve got to have some of these. That line at Starbucks in the terminal is often too long to wait in and you will get tired of the coffee on the plane real fast!

3. Individual size healthy snacks – Hopefully Santa will stuff a huge pile of these in your stocking. When you are too busy to stop and eat or you have to give up your crew meal because catering can’t count, these will be a life-saver. Notice the word “healthy”. Candy and junk food might stop the stomach growls but nuts, fruit and veggies will give you more energy and keep the pounds off.

4. Eye mask and ear plugs – While most crew hotels are decent, you can never guarantee where your room will be located. It might be street-side on a busy road or directly above the sports bar. There could be filmy sheers covering the windows when what you really want are black-out curtains. It’s hard enough trying to sleep in a different bed every night, make your 4-day sleep-overs as comfortable as possible.

5. Compression stockings – Occupations that involve standing for long periods of time make it hard for blood to flow against gravity. That’s why flight attendants are at a much higher risk of varicose veins. Hosiery that’s designed for flight crews not only keep your legs looking young and healthy, they help with leg fatigue. They even have a version for men! These days they are lighter-weight and come in many styles and colors. Santa wears them. It might only be one night a year, but he’s got a LOT of air time and ground to cover!

This holiday season, you might not have the most exciting gifts under the tree, but you will be that new flight attendant with a smile on her face and spring in her step all year long.


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How to Become a Flight Attendant- Ask for the Right Gifts!

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