Kheerganga trek A Perfect Detailed Guide


India is a land of varied culture, religion, people, and obviously a mixture of nature’s gifts. And it has been up to us to make use of whatever we are given. The need for the hour is to go one step ahead and explore what is hidden. And believe me, when I say, there are thousands of things that need to be uncovered. One such is the gifts by nature. If you are ready to unwrap it, you are in the right place!

Hidden far away in the Pin Parvati Valley, Kheerganga trek is waiting to amuse us with its serene beauty and breathtaking natural setting. Kheerganga trek, a high altitude meadow, could be on your list if you are just beginning your ‘trekking’ career. Located at an elevation of 13,051 feet in the Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh, Kheerganga trek is a collection of plenteous rivers, magnificent views, torrent streams, waterfalls patched with greens around. But the best of these is about to come!

Kheerganga was initially a stopping point for the Pin Parvati Pass trek. Later on, the popularity grew and Kheerganga became a trek for people who are short of time, looking for easy accessibility and a moderate climate. The major contribution to the adventurous trekking experience to Pin Parvati is solidly contributed by Kheerganga.
Best time to do Kheerganga trek
During monsoon, the route is slippery and flowing continuously. Though it’s accessible throughout the year, the ideal time is between October and June. the temperature range between 15 to 25 degrees. And there could be more trekkers at this particular time to make friends with!
Kheerganga trek from kasol
Kasol is the place to reach initially. The starting point of the trek is Barshaini and there are multiple options to reach the spot. Kheerganga trek is accessible via two routes.
1. Kalga – Pulga village
Comparatively easier and not so popular, it is not short of stunning views either. It would take you through the villages and 4 to 5 hours is fairly enough to traverse through the dense forest. Any food lover would choose this route for the cafes’ yummy Hash Brownies! Two hours from the village, the bridge over the Parvati river is the same that comes after Rudranag.
1. Nakthan Village
This route is for thrill hunters and no-filter photographers! Walking along the left side of the Parvati river, enormous mountains, and their splendid views awaits you. The famous Rudranag Temple pops up with brow-raising waterfalls. The steep uphill will test your lungs but the experience and nature’s reward will ease you up.
The best part
The best part of the trek is hidden when you descend. It is believed that Lord Shiva’s footprints are held in Parvati valley and there is a temple dedicated to Mahadeva. Parvati Kund is where you need to be. This pool from the hot spring at the highest point of the trek is the coolest place. Imagine drenched in the hot spring pool in the middle of a thick forest, moderately chill climate after descending a distance? I bet this is better than heaven!
Quick fact!
The water of Kheerganga is exceptionally high in minerals and amazing ill-treating properties. Take a dip and feel replenished!
Two lifelines
The two lifelines, according to me, are the cuisines and the stay. Accommodation in Kheerganga is cheap yet luxurious. There is an ashram if you prefer all wood or cozy little tents if you prefer to feel the fresh grass. Chinese, Israeli, Indian, Himachali, you name it and you have it. Cafe’s and dhabas not only offer the richest tea, coffee but also feast your eyes with exquisite views from wherever you decide to have them.

There is another hike 3 to 4 hours from the Kheerganga campsite, the Buni Buni Pass. A nature enthusiast who is super excited and restless can go ahead to the hike. Tunda Bhuj, a part of Pin Parvati Pass trek, lies 5 hours away for a perfect tent stay. You w uhould take the best routes of Pin Parvati Pass to reach Tunda Bhuj and traverse through the dense forest between Kheerganga and Tunda Bhuj.

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