Online Flight Attendant Training

It seems like everywhere you turn on the internet there’s an online program that claims it can teach you just about anything- computer coding, medical billing, or even how to change your oil. For some skills, learning online is an easy option that certainly makes a lot of sense.

However, there are some things you just can’t learn on a computer. You need to touch it, see it, smell it, hear it, and be fully immersed in it. For some skills, there is just no substitute for the “real thing.” After all, which doctor would you rather have performing a life-saving operation on you: the doctor who watched videos in their pajamas on interrupted by pop-up ads for energy drinks, or the doctor who extensively trained at a hands-on program taught by industry experts with state-of-the-art equipment? The choice should be abundantly clear.

The choice of learning how to become a flight attendant is no less clear. Flight attendants are not just “servers in the sky.” They need to make life-saving decisions under stressful situations while providing the utmost in customer service.

The Claims

There are several online flight attendant programs which claim that they can prepare people for a flight attendant career. These programs tout how “fast and easy” it is to get started as a flight attendant. However, how easy can it be to start a career that’s closely regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Coast Guard?

The Truth

The fact of the matter is that becoming a flight attendant is an enormous (and rewarding) undertaking. Furthermore, as more and more people are exposed to travel on social media, more people want to start flight attendant careers, thereby increasing competition.

The difficulty of the flight attendant career itself and the competition for flight attendant jobs is causing many people to seek hands-on training. This training not only provides people with real flight attendant skills, it also helps people rise above the competition.

The Travel Academy’s hands-on flight attendant school provides people with the skills they need to land a job. One of the most important skills a flight attendant must learn is how to properly evacuate an airplane. TTA’s industry-experienced instructors teach students how to conduct a safe evacuation.

Indeed, there is no “point-and-click” way to learn how to become a flight attendant.

Student learning how to become flight attendant by going down airplane emergency slide
A Travel Academy student learning how to become a flight attendant by training on a simulated airplane emergency slide

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Online Flight Attendant Training

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