Tips to Plan a Successful 1st Ski Trip For Your Kids

Once your kids are old enough that they can easily travel with you to far-away destinations, a family vacation seems like an important rite of passage. Traveling adds greatly to a child’s personality. Their receptive minds eagerly take in the new surroundings, culture, they get a heightened sense of life and also get a chance to socialize.

For a fun-filled winter vacation visiting a ski resort is the best experience you can provide to your children, granted you plan it right. The process can seem stressful and intimidating and hence we dedicate this post to all those first-time vacation planners so they get the most out of their efforts and money.

Select the Time and the Place Carefully

This is where you should start planning. You should choose a popular spot like the Blue Mountain Resort in Ontario but at a time when it is the least crowded on the slopes and the weather is not too cold. Skiing during snowfall season can be difficult especially with children. They would not enjoy the snow pellets and freezing wind blinding them and get agitated instead.

Packing Ski Essentials

When packing for a family trip with children it is easy to over-do it. It is important to carry the essentials but not all the winter clothes your child owns need to tag along. Pack the following garments:

Waterproof Upper and Ski pants – water-repellant clothing is essential because your child’s clothes can get wet by coming in constant contact with the snow.

Thermals & Turtlenecks – these garments will provide maximum and much-needed insulation.

Neck Warmers – neck is a crucial body part that needs to stay warm. Buy a custom neck gaiter with ear loops offered by 4inbandana  this way your kids would not have to wear an additional face mask. They will enjoy wearing the colorful pieces of silky warmth as a winter shield.

Gloves, Socks, Toe warmers – hands and feet quickly lose body heat, and to keep them warm is of utmost importance. Unlike you, your children would not need touchscreen gloves so pack thick gloves and mitts for them.

Rent The Ski & Relevant Gear

Don’t carry extra weight in the form of skis, helmets, skates, and boots. The resorts will have everything you’ll need and the right size too. There is no point in flying with skis intact.


Plan Non-Ski Activities

Children quickly lose interest and always want something new that can hold their attention. Doubtless, they would love to spend time on the slopes however plan other activities in your itinerary as well. This may include ice skating, sledding, and hike trails. Some resorts also offer mountain biking, and luxurious indoor pools and spas.

Carry a High-Quality Camera

First experiences are always ever-lasting. As your kids grow older chances are you’ll plan more vacations but these memories that you are about to make will be momentous. Carry a “tough” camera that can resist the elements to capture all the memories; the happy grins of your children, their first look in the skis, enjoying the scrumptious local cuisine, and everything in between.

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Tips to Plan a Successful 1st Ski Trip For Your Kids

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